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Spit-souring good

17 Sep

Some say letter writing is a lost art.  Remember those spit-souring licks across the back of the envelopes to seal it kind of notes.  Yes, those kinds of notes.  Call me old fashioned but a handwritten note is one of my favorite things.

Today as I stepped out the door to make the one and a half block stroll to the mailbox, my long-time US Mail Carrier strode across the lawn and handed me a stack of mail.  He kindly pocketed my Netflix return into his satchel and moseyed on.  Now with my mailbox trip cut short something had better be redeeming about the pile of mail I’d just received.

With a quick about face and the now three steps back to my door, I easily sorted through the mail — grocery store circulars, magazine subscriptions and a Netflix DVD.  But today I also received a lovely hand addressed envelope amidst the collection of bland mail.

The pile of mail was immediately redeemed and I was once again reminded of the impact of a handwritten note.  Handwritten notes come in many forms, be it a thank you note, a condolence card, a post-card, but what they all have in common is the human touch.  Someone far away took the time to put pen to paper without the failsafe of automatic spellchecker or a Send button.  They touched it.  They took the time to write it, to seal and stamp it just for you.

The next time your inbox explodes with hundreds of unimportant and redundant emails try a handwritten note yourself.  You might be surprised in the joy, the release and the happiness it brings to you while writing it, but also to that unsuspecting recipient.