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Winter Wonderland Wedding

26 Feb

The West has won my heart but a 5-day trip back to NYC and upstate New York reminded me of the many good things the East has to offer.

Last weekend I traveled east for Silke and Ryan’s Winter Wonderland Wedding. Perhaps two of the neatest people in the world, Silke and Ryan are two people with whom I’ve shared many hours of fun, laughs and general great moments in life.  Their wedding weekend was nothing short of magical.  Perhaps it was seeing all my dear friends from New York or the beautiful rustic setting of the Full Moon Resort but simply put this was a very special weekend.

The weekend began with a bus ride from NYC to the Catskills with about half of the wedding guests.  Upon arrival at the Full Moon Resort we were greeting with warmth in the form of hand-crocheted buffs and hats all lovingly made by Silke herself.

After settling into our rustic cottage accommodations we made our way to the Barn for “Una Noche Mexicana”.  This was a festive evening filled with mariachi music, dancing, and pinatas all in the Mexican tradition.  Many of us took turns whacking, smushing and batting at the traditional party piece but it was not match for us overachievers as we quickly discovered the candy inside!

The bride taking a stab at the pinata!


Waffles giving the pinata a run for it's money!

Shin showing the pinata who's boss!

While it was hard to top the Friday night pinata party, Saturday was just as unique!  The wedding guests were treated not only to a beautiful ceremony and reception dinner but also to a proper Scottish Ceilidh (Ryan is a proud Scotsman so we knew we were in for a treat).

We danced the night away in proper Scottish Ceilidh style well past the stroke of midnight.

And to celebrate with the newlyweds in true style we braved the crisp Sunday morning cold for a celebratory 4-mile run.

Congrats to Silke and Ryan and many thanks for hosting such a marvelous weekend.  Best of luck to you both (and to all you newlyweds or longtime-weds) as you live your lives together.