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Going West!

10 Oct

A week ago today I arrived in my new home – Boulder, CO!  After two days of driving, 1,216 miles, a Topeka, KS hotel, a few tumbleweeds and beautiful scenery, I arrived.  I thought I might have more to say about the solo road trip, but I’ve spent a week mulling it over and I’ve concluded that the road trip was simply part of the journey (literally and figuratively) — a journey that began months ago when I quit my old job to pursue my passion.  Thankfully, the journey continues!  But in the meantime, here are a few pictures.

Dad and I spent about 3 hours putting together and installing my Yakima bike racks – luckily, once they were on the roof of the car, the bikes were fantastically stable!  Thanks Dad.

St. Louis, MO drive-by, taken about 5 hours into my trip on day one.

Ta-da!  Welcome to Boulder!