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Marathon Fevah!

7 Nov

It’s Marathon Sunday!  No, it’s not just any marathon though, it’s the New York City Marathon.  As I type there are some 45,000 people running through the streets of New York City.  They will experience the party of the crowd in Brooklyn, the quiet of the 59th Street Bridge, the exhilaration of First Avenue, the realness of the Bronx and the finish in Central Park.  Good luck to all the runners today and have an amazing race!

Here are a few pictures from my own NYC Marathon experiences in 2009.  Happy Running!

Silke chalking the street to welcome the runners on First Avenue around mile 19.

Mayor Bloomberg takes an easy ride through the streets just ahead of the elite runners.

Elite American Runner Ryan Hall (check our those leg muscles).

My New York City Running Club – The Reservoir Dogs – stellar cheering section at mile 19!

Me passing mile 19 in 2009

Walking home after 26.2 miles with Missy and my wonderful pacer Silke.


Run@Work Day

17 Sep

Today is Run@Work Day.  Some of you may be thinking that today is the day you jump on a treadmill and lug your computer, Blackberry or iPad up there with you to literally run while working but thankfully that is not the case.  Instead Run@Work day means that all of us dedicated runners, wanna-be runners, and happy walkers encourage our colleagues to schedule at least 30 minutes of running or walking into their daily routines.

Put down that donut, that Snickers bar and lace up those shoes and take walk around the parking lot. Evacuate your cubicle and see some midday sun. Attempt the four flights of stairs in your office parking garage instead of the elevator.  And lastly, enjoy today since it’s Run@Work Day and it’s a Friday.

I’m off for a run!